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An individual must play at their published rating or higher. 

Appealing will NOT reveal your rating in 100th of a point.
You will receive an automatic response advising whether Granted or Denied.
Once you select UP or DOWN and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the appeal page your request is final. You cannot go back.
  • When appealing UP, the player's rating is compared to the player's current play level to see if it is within range. 
  • When appealing DOWN, the player's rating is compared to the next play level below the player's level to see if it is within range.  
Only a player logged into their USTA Account may appeal their rating.
Please note that no championship benchmark rating may be appealed the first year received except for medical reasons.

Click here for Automatic online appeal (please read instructions above first)

Appeal Procedures for Self-Rated Players ONLY

If the player has not self-rated they must takes these steps first and then follow steps 4-9 below:

Step 1: Click here to Register for the Dummy Team

Step 2: Enter in your membership number and this team number: 2005926810

Step 3: An alert message will appear in red. It will first say that you have an expired rating and you need to self-rate yourself. Click on the link to self-rate yourself and answer the questions they provide you. You will still come out as a 4.5 but then you can take the next steps to appeal. You need to be logged into your TennisLink account to do this. If you don’t have one you should create one. Once you have logged in and self-rated continue to the steps below. 

If players have already self-rated themselves and they would like to appeal their rating they should take the following steps: 

Step 4: Click here to Register for the Dummy Team 

Step 5: Enter in your membership number and this team number: 2005926810

Step 6: An alert should appear that says the player’s NTRP rating is too high for team entered.

Step 7: There should be a link/button with the option to appeal your rating (unless you have already appealed your rating within the past year in which an alert will appear saying you have already appealed in the past year) 

Step 8: Complete and submit the NTRP Self-Rate Appeal Form (please make sure they are as descriptive as possible so the committee doesn’t have to request additional information) 

Step 9: This information will be automatically forwarded on to our Appeals Committee who will then make a decision on whether to grant or deny each appeal it will say it takes up to 3 weeks, but it shouldn't take more than a week or two. 

Click here for the Self-Rate Appeal form


Medical Appeals must be accompanied by a completed Attending Physicians form. 

Click here for Medical Appeal procedures Q&A       

Click here for the Medical Appeal form.

Click here for Attending Physicians form


Recently there have been some questions regarding the granted appeals of benchmark rated players. The questions address three main aspects of the appeals:

1)     Can benchmark ratings be appealed, and if so under what circumstances?
2)     What consideration is given to the opinion of third parties in the appeals process?
3)     Why are some appeals granted and other not?
Can benchmark ratings be appealed, and if so under what circumstances?
Answer: Typically no, but there are exceptions. Benchmark ratings that are appealed through the automatic online appeal process will always be denied. Benchmark player can submit medical appeals. In addition the NTRP Oversight Group (NOG), the National body responsible for oversight and administration of the NTRP system, may review on a case by case basis benchmark rated players upon request for the review by Section League Administrators. These reviews are not undertaken lightly, approximately 75 – 200 such reviews will be considered each year for the entire league program nationwide. Decisions for these reviews are based solely on the players rating information in the TennisLink system. Benchmark players must meet all other criteria for granting an appeal to be considered for review.
What consideration is given to the opinion of third parties in the appeals process?
Answer: None. Players and captains often include opinions from tennis professionals, college and high school coaches, doctors, and other parties in and outside of the tennis community. Parties who do not have standing within the USTA league program have no say in the appeal process, and their testimony and/or opinion will not be reviewed during the appeal process.
Why are some appeals granted and other not?
Answer: Each appeal is unique. Players with similar backgrounds and records often have very different ratings resulting from a number of factors. Appeals are decided on whether the player meets appeal criteria or not. Each appeal goes through the same process without exception. League administrators do not have either the authority or opportunity to circumvent the appeals process or criteria.



Forms can be e-mailed to

Or, faxed to our office to the Attention of Sara Yoshinaga at (808) 585-9512.

Or, mail to:

Attn: Sara Yoshinaga
Director of Adult Tennis
USTA Hawaii Pacific Section
1888 Kalakaua Ave C309
Honolulu, HI 96815


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